The Troubles Keeper by Susan May

Rory Fine is his name. Tall, 26 years old, good looking, extremely nice to others. A real people person. I’d shake his hand if I ran into him. He has the ability to take your troubles away. It’s a psychic kind of power which is a secret. So he thinks. He’s a transit bus driver by choice. The love of his life is a regular passenger. She does find this out slowly. When delving into other people’s troubles to take them away sometimes you meet true evil. Rory has met true evil. Of course he takes full responsibility for this new evil thing. The stakes are high. He could loose the girl he’s decided to marry. The magnitude of what could happen if this evil prevails is unknown. It’s beyond this world. It’s a bad situation. Rory’s abilities must grow a lot stronger if he’s to win this battle. Unknowing to him, he’s not only the one doing battle. He’s also the creator. I voluntarily wrote this review. I received a complimentary copy of The Troubles Keeper in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thank Susan May for giving me the opportunity to read this very original and amazing story. Odd Thomas and Chris Snow fans this is a book for you.


Special Feature from the Crime Division by Robert K. Tanenbaum

I am looking forward to reading and reviewing this book!


The Mystery Murder Case of the Century by Robert K. Tanenbaum Author of Infamy: A Butch Karp-Marlene Ciampi Thriller If I were asked to select one case in the history of our justice system that epi…

Source: Special Feature from the Crime Division by Robert K. Tanenbaum