Undercover: Operation Julia-The Inside Story by Stephen Bentley

This is a book about a cop! A man who found his calling in fighting crime. A true encounter of life in the late 1970’s when undercover cops didn’t exist. This is a ground breaking story which the reader should keep in mind.

LSD was big then. A plan was hatched for the first time to infiltrate and end this in the U.K. Many were involved in this undertaking. Stephen Bentley was 1 of 3 deep undercover cops. They lived the life. This is detailed reenactment based on memory and daily reports made at the time.

It was very successful which you will find out about. The groundbreaking continued after the fact. Stephen Bentley did get promoted. Some acknowledged the awesome undertaking. But that was the end. Most of these men were shell’s of themselves. No one helped them recover. Some suffered for the rest of their lives. Addiction is not the worst part. Heartache. The undying belief that more could have been accomplished.

This book will open your eyes to what lies behind being a cop. The broken soul left behind. Even when the person moves on.

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