Source: Purple is a color.   Colors do represent things.   According The the Disney Evil Queen Malificent it is the color of royalty.   My mom did not like the color purple.  She told me when she was young people were buried in purple.  In the Roman Catholic Church purple is the predominant color during Lent.  The days after Christ died but before he rose.  Easter Sunday purple is gone.  Purple is a sad color to me because of the association I have of it.   It’s a beautiful color.   Malificent is my favorite evil queen.  From my earliest memories it was associated with sad things.   Purple is a beautiful sad color which I actually like.   If someone was to say they feel purple  (Like feeling blue) the translation to me would be they feel dead.

6 thoughts on “Purple

  1. I understand your perspective, but you can change it. Color purple is forever for ROYALTY. Nice when combined with white. That is just my personal opinion!


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