Source: Blindly

i go through life blindly.

EVeryone actually does.

On a day to day basis anything can happen.  People make plans.  They may have a life plan. That’s fine. People need this for sense of control.   No one knows what is to come.  I’ve accepted that I walk blindly through life and accept what comes.   It’s better than fighting for something beyond your control.

8 thoughts on “Blindly

        1. Dreams and goals are different from what to expect each day. No matter what your dreams and goals are, life has its own agenda that we are blind to. Everyone needs dreams, goals, plans. But you have no way of knowing how life is going to coordinate with them. That’s the blindly aspect.

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    1. Yum! This sounds fabulous!!!I love making a kalamata and garlic for sandwiches and for dipping french fries. (This is what our local Nordstrom serves in their cafe…the waiter told me how to make it.)Jane (artfully graced)


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