Source: Knackered: I am so knackered today.  Why?  Saturday morning my husband wakes me up early.  I’m so mad about this and don’t remember why I have to be up.  Throw myself out of bed in a huff.  Brush my teeth and hair(usual morning bathroom stuff).  I exit our bathroom to see him sound asleep.  It never happened.  I dreamed it.   Of course I’m just made at random since I can’t be made at my sleeping husband. This is the 3rd time recently I dreamed he woke me up.  First time I acted on it. I don’t know how he woke me us this time. Previous to this he knocked on our headboard. The first time he needed to know if I needed to use the bathroom before he showered.   We have three bathrooms!  So I’m kankered.  My dreams woke me up early three times in the past ten days.

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