Source: Perfume: Perfume memories.  The nose remembers.   If you get a wiff of the perfume your mom used to where the connection is instantaneous.

My husbands parents took out infant son for a night so we could have some time to ourselves and rest.  I got a little fixed up and put on the perfume I used to wear when we were dating.  I hadn’t worn it in probably 3 years.  When he came home from leaving the baby at his parents I gave him a hug and kiss.   While we were hugging my husband started having a severe asthma attack.  Allergies change.  He’s allergic to that perform.  So I have to shower while he uses inhalers and allergy medicine. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Perfume

  1. Maybe it was a ‘forced rest’ moment since that’s what you guys had really wanted.
    Though it’s strange, but I’ve many a moment when I really desired one thing and ended up with somethings else. But in retrospect, each of those moments gave me a much needed break for something more important!

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