The Lovely Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for the One lovely blogger award  by  Red Letters: click

Thank yo so much.   It is an honor to be included with such a wonder blogger.  I’m still learning and have learned a lot from Red Letters.


1. I have a Standard Dachshund named Buddy. He’s in charge.   He had a twin Golden Retriever.   They thought they were twins because we got them at the same time as puppies.   They had no idea when they eventually developed a 70lb weight difference.  We lost Darla, the Golden, at 7.   She had a brain tumor. We did everything but had to put her to sleep.  Life has never been the same.  She was our second Golden.  I love them.  Buddy is our first of his breed because my son really wanted one.  I love that breed also now.

As puppies.

My Buddy on his own now.

2. My favorite place to be is Disney World.   I also love Universal.   It took two years My a wand had found me.  I’ve haven’t read any Harry Potter Books.  I’ve seen the movies.  The wand makes magic happen at the theme park.  It’s the theme park that required the wand. Not an obsession with Harry Potter.

The wand.  A wizard was holding it during this visit and I was drawn to him.  There are many wizards hanging around.  I now do believe a wand does choose you.

A day at Epcot wearing my everyday bow.

Maleficent ears.  My favorite Evil Queen.  And also my Tierra my good friends got me years ago.

Gotta have pirate ears!

Christmas Ears.  My best friend and husband of 29 years loves these parks just as much and puts up with my insanity.   We live in New York but are annual pass holders for Disney and Universal.

3. My favorite place to be.  Our Residential Quality travel trailer.  I like it more than my house.   This is how we enjoy the parks so much.

4.  I am a book reviewer.  My preference is horror and thriller   However I read everything.  I am interested in everything.   My favorite author is Susan May.   Deadly Messengers is my favorite book by her as of now.

Susan May.  She lives in Perth Australia.

5.  I will do anything one time.  You must experience things to truly have an opinion.    

6. I have a 22 year old son that I am very proud of.  He graduated with a degree in physical science ( how the body works).   He will be following in his dad’s, grandfathers and 2 uncles footsteps by becoming a police officer.   

7.  The big reveal.   My husband is my full time care giver.   This is a life we did not expect.   I was diagnosed with MS in 1991.  That is not what put us in this situation.   In 2005 I found out I was born with congenital spinal stenosis.  Everyone’s spine narrows as they get older.  My was too narrow to begin with.  6 back surgeries and constant pain management procedures.  He does everything.  Drives me everywhere.   Takes care of the house along with waiting on me.  He pushes me in a wheel chair everywhere.  I have not given up on walking again.  It is and will always be my goal.   I thank god for Pete, best friend, husband and caregiver.  Who thinks they will need a caregiver one day! Who thinks they will be a caregiver one day!

Pete. My hero.

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Behind Dark Doors. The Complete Collection by Susan May


Eighteen short stories total.  It is impossible to pick a favorite out of these eighteen stories.  They are all completely different from one another.  Varying lengths. Twilight Zone feel to them.  Many of them leave you wanting more.   Leaving unanswered questions.  I loved this collection.   I will be reading them again and hope the author comes out with another collection or expands on some of those that left me longing for answers. Ending another good book.  Saying goodbye to this new friend that I enjoyed spending my time with.  Off to find a mother one.