Maximus, A Harvey Nolan Thriller, by S. C. Abbey


I really enjoyed this very entertaining book. Mystery who done it type of book. It’s more involved than just that. Many twists and turns. Some characters are well developed. Others intentionally mysterious. Young women are going missing. It eventually touches too close to home for a criminologist scholar to ignore. He becomes involved with the FBI and others. Murder is the answer to keeping whoever is behind this quite. Captivating book. There was an epilogue. I’m hoping for more from this author.


Source: Farce.  People lead different lives.  Productive, eventful, exciting, dramatic.  Me,  mine is a farce.

Mother in law called stating she had wining lottery ticket.
She did. When we got there printed on ticket is Winning numbers for (date).  She did not notice that. We were not millionaires and late for work with that excuse.
Christmas. Running late to get to family diner. Anyone grab gifts? “Yes” from someone. As  turn on to a busy street I see the gifts flying off the roof of the car! My bad. I should have said “in” the car.
Pulling out of my parking spot at Costco in my new van. People are waving and pointing. Never shut the back van door. Thought it had a button on dash that did that.  No.  Not my van.