imageSource: Impression:  I’m still not blogging for 2 more days.  I also don’t speak to people in the same manner.  I make the statement “we are not speaking” and then continue to speak to that person.

i read another bloggers IMPRESSION Word Prompt response  which got me thinking.  Here I am not blogging because I’m not sure if it will make sense or be any good.   I’m on a high dose of IV steroids that leaves me in a fog so deep time doesn’t exist.

The reality is my impression of everything is altered.  Perhaps I see things differently.  It doesn’t mean I’m different. Your impression of my blog may or may not be altered by me actually sharing these things.  I don’t know.

I said to the other blogger “I don’t care what impressions I leave.”  Clearly I do. Thank you for reading this stream of consciousness.


16 thoughts on “Impression

        1. My husband and I will watch our DVR shows now that he’s home. I know I’ll be better than fine in a few days. Just long days Thank you. I really appreciate your responses. I never realized I’d make blogging buddies when I started blogging. Thanks blogging buddy. I think I just over blogged in blogging

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  1. Thanks for expressing your mind, individuality, and perspective. But don’t forget to rest when you need one, very vital. Okay?

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    1. Yes. Rest is so important now. That’s why I declared this time off. I’m bored. I’m tired but since it’s only 2:45pm it is way to early to take a sleeping pill. I never spend enough time reading other people’s blogs. I can handle short ones. Thank you Peter

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