imageSource: Infuse: I love ice cream.  In every way.  You can infuse ice cream with nitrogen.  It is amazing.  Smooth, consistent, creamy texture straight through.  I highly recommend trying it if you ever come across it.  Obviously not many places offer this.  Serious warning ⚠️ to you.  I once had 4 huge mounds of it.  Four different flavors.  The next day I had the worst headache.  I believe it was from too much nitrogen.   The tap beer you get in a bar has CO2 in it.    If not properly adjusted this will give you a horrible headache the next day also.  The same concept.   Two servings is safe.  The waiter did tell me four was too much.  I was letting everyone at the table join in also.  I guess he didn’t think I’d believe him that I’d have a nitrogen hangover the next day. Infuse nitrogen into ice cream!🍨🍦👍👍

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