imageSource: Imaginary:  What is reality and what is imaginary?   What was imagiary yesterday may be real today.   How many things exist today that at one time were imaginary.   Everything.  Imagination is the minds way of seeing things differently.    Creative or as a survival process. It’s a process that takes place in our brain. We still have very little understanding of the inner workings of our brains. It will take some imagination to figure it out.


Source: Brassy: I was walking in New

York City.   In the middle of the sidewalk there was a brassy statue of a man standing there pointing into the air.  I was looking up to see what the brassy statue was pointing to.   I saw nothing. I looked back at the brassy statue and now he was pointing at me. He was a man pretending to be a brassy statue.  He was perfectly covered in brassy paint and didn’t move again.  He was awesome.   Only in New York City.