Gray Daze, A Lance Underphal Mystery by Micheal Allan Scott


This is the third book in this series. It’s the only one i’ve read and I had no problem following this great story.

Lance Underohal is a psychic who has recently found fame by helping the police solve crimes. A friend of Lance’s is Jake, a PI who is an ex seal with connections to get things done. Their significant others. Callie, a realtor and possible girlfriend of Lance, takes center stage when she knows something is wrong with her uncle in another state. Lance is supposed to be helping her but gets caught up in his own problems. Jake steps in to assist her.

On the surface Callie’s uncles death is easily explained. An old guy dying from natural causes. This never sits right with Callie. As Lance gets through his distracting legal problems he is haunted by Callie’s dead uncle and other terrible things he can’t finger out.

The author included some sexual scenes and storylines which I felt were a distraction from the story. This is a great book and doesn’t need anything extra to keep you interested. It is a series so it may be needed to tie aspects of the series together. As a stand alone book the story is intense and exciting without the sexual content.

Nothing is what it seems in this book. A number of involved intertwining stories take place in Grey Daze. This style of storytelling makes it a page turner. Dead or alive you can’t escape your past.