When Time Is A River (A Winston Radhauser Mystery) by Susan Clayton-Goldner

This is a stand out thriller. One of those books you will never forget.
I’d like to thank Susan Clayton-Goldner for my complimentary copy of When Time Is a River. This is my voluntary unbiased review reflecting my thoughts alone.
Brandy Michaelson is the main character in this suspenseful thriller. She hasn’t had the easiest 18 years of life which developed her coping mechanisms needed to get through really tough times. Her toddler half sister is abducted while Brandy is watching her. What follows tears this family apart. Winston Radhauser is the lead detective on the case. Radhauser hates child abductions. No stone will be left unturned as long as he’s on the case. Brandy turns Nancy Drew and insists on budding into Radhauser’s investigation. Who took Brandy’s half sister and why? The characters are well developed as the book progresses. Page turner. I couldn’t put this book down.

Virtues for Riches (Motivational Book 1) by Peter Adewumi 

This is a Christian Motivation book with real world examples. Often spiritual motivation books are vague. Filled with obscure ideas. Peter Adewumi backs up all of his “virtues” with real life examples. Every topic is clearly explained. This includes how words will be defined and used. The topics concern all of us in our everyday lives.
Beautiful illustrations begin each chapter (Virtue). Such a refreshing book. Everything is explained in black and white terms. 

This book is so easy and enjoyable to read.   With minimal work and effort on my part I easily examined so much of my life. I come away from this book refreshed and refueled for life.

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img_2761Mystical Glasses by Jack Kregas.

Jack Kregas writes:

I like this review of Mystical Glasses which is not on Amazon because the reader has not spent $50 with them. (Is this a dumb policy?) What are your thoughts?

Mystical glasses, a consummate thriller from author Jack Kregas is a brutally frank narration on how adversity, regardless of its justification and desire for retaliation, can destroy a man’s inner soul by the manner in which vengeance is carried out.

Joey Moretti deals with the gangland killing of those he cherished most in life. He tracks down and faces off with the person responsible. Readers will be shocked to find that Joey’s mind is so scarred and neutralised by the tragedy, he has become sadistically capable of inflicting merciless torture, violence and eventual death to the helpless target who has no means of escape from inevitable execution.

Joey’s take on life and its inhumanity has reduced him to that of a callous killer, bereft of compassion, forgiveness or consequence of his actions. He has killed … and he will kill again!

This is a story where empathy for the protagonist is stretched to the limits.

A book that is hard to get away from.

Son. A Psychopath And His Vitims by Gregg Olsen


This is a true story. The main character who likes to be known as Kevin Coe is a serial rapist. Kevin Coe was always different but was alway able to blend in. I could not believe the things this man did. His day to day life seems normal until you get a close look. Kevin Coe usually looks great. His has a chameleon ability. I found this book fascinating. It is well written. As you learn about this man you find yourself drawn in and are unable to put this book down. All the people surrounding Kevin Coe are real characters also. Kevin and his mom have an odd relationship. They are too close and have huge fights. Mother Coe is a story by herself and the story is told here.   

I cannot believe what this man did. The late seventies early eighties is when all of this took place in Spokane, Washington. Chapter after chapter, I was stunned by the stuff this guy did.

Contested Ransom by Jack Kregas


Great read. Page turner. Joey and Mira are enjoying their lives. The past always catches up with Joey somehow. Joey’s family obligation pulls them into an action packed journey that may leave them dead. The characters come together from different walks of life. Defined only by the crisis at hand. Fast moving action. I believe there may be more to come from Joey Moretti.

Tongues by Sam Joyce 


I would like to thank the author for my complimentary copy of Tongues in exchange for my voluntary, honest and unbiased review of his book.

 Why would everyday people turn into mass murders from one minute to the next? That is the problem. 2 detectives and a reporter come together coincidentally to solve this living horror story. The characters are well developed.  

As dark as this story is the author adds some humor which makes really adds to the book. This is a page turner. Original and intense.