Son. A Psychopath And His Vitims by Gregg Olsen


This is a true story. The main character who likes to be known as Kevin Coe is a serial rapist. Kevin Coe was always different but was alway able to blend in. I could not believe the things this man did. His day to day life seems normal until you get a close look. Kevin Coe usually looks great. His has a chameleon ability. I found this book fascinating. It is well written. As you learn about this man you find yourself drawn in and are unable to put this book down. All the people surrounding Kevin Coe are real characters also. Kevin and his mom have an odd relationship. They are too close and have huge fights. Mother Coe is a story by herself and the story is told here.   

I cannot believe what this man did. The late seventies early eighties is when all of this took place in Spokane, Washington. Chapter after chapter, I was stunned by the stuff this guy did.

One thought on “Son. A Psychopath And His Vitims by Gregg Olsen

  1. Thanks to the author, for exposing evils and how it is being perpetrated traced to the source! This is going to be a great book worth reading.

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