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img_2761Mystical Glasses by Jack Kregas.

Jack Kregas writes:

I like this review of Mystical Glasses which is not on Amazon because the reader has not spent $50 with them. (Is this a dumb policy?) What are your thoughts?

Mystical glasses, a consummate thriller from author Jack Kregas is a brutally frank narration on how adversity, regardless of its justification and desire for retaliation, can destroy a man’s inner soul by the manner in which vengeance is carried out.

Joey Moretti deals with the gangland killing of those he cherished most in life. He tracks down and faces off with the person responsible. Readers will be shocked to find that Joey’s mind is so scarred and neutralised by the tragedy, he has become sadistically capable of inflicting merciless torture, violence and eventual death to the helpless target who has no means of escape from inevitable execution.

Joey’s take on life and its inhumanity has reduced him to that of a callous killer, bereft of compassion, forgiveness or consequence of his actions. He has killed … and he will kill again!

This is a story where empathy for the protagonist is stretched to the limits.

A book that is hard to get away from.

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