When Time Is A River (A Winston Radhauser Mystery) by Susan Clayton-Goldner

This is a stand out thriller. One of those books you will never forget.
I’d like to thank Susan Clayton-Goldner for my complimentary copy of When Time Is a River. This is my voluntary unbiased review reflecting my thoughts alone.
Brandy Michaelson is the main character in this suspenseful thriller. She hasn’t had the easiest 18 years of life which developed her coping mechanisms needed to get through really tough times. Her toddler half sister is abducted while Brandy is watching her. What follows tears this family apart. Winston Radhauser is the lead detective on the case. Radhauser hates child abductions. No stone will be left unturned as long as he’s on the case. Brandy turns Nancy Drew and insists on budding into Radhauser’s investigation. Who took Brandy’s half sister and why? The characters are well developed as the book progresses. Page turner. I couldn’t put this book down.