Mystical Glasses by Jack Kregas


A page turning crime thriller.

The main character is Joey Moretti in this book. He is slowly developed. Need to know basis basically. His girlfriend Mira winds up being stalked by her ex con exhausted who is out for revenge. The body count increases. Joey must protect Mira. That requires using some connections and talent from his past. Awesome surprise ending. Onto the next Joey Moretti book. Innocent Retribution.

Vermin 2.0 by Lee Gabel


Vernon 2.0 is a gruesome horror. What would happen if rats were able to think and plan. That is what appears to happen in this old apartment building where the main character, Sam Shaw, is the superintendent.   

The characters are well developed. They are all colorful and entertaining in their own way.  The author makes this into a great story as the characters are introduced to the reader and interact with each other and the rats.  Don’t get too attatched to any of them.
 The focus of the book is very bad rats. This is also Sam Shaw’s worst nightmare. This is his story. A real page turner.  

Speed Reading by Robert Lawrence 


This is the best thing I’ve done for myself this year. I would like to thank Robert Lawrence for my complimentary copy of Speed Reading. This is my voluntary unbiased review reflecting my opinions on Speed Reading.

Speed Reading is an easy and quick read without any Speed Reading. The author does an outstanding job of giving the reader the information needed to be successful. With almost no effort I increased my reading speed from 2.7 words a minute to 148 words per minute.  
There are 3 different methods explained in the book. The method you use depends on what you are reading. I accomplished my success with the first method. The last method I will call advanced speed reading. I will keep going with this new process.  

I am stunned beyond belief. With continued practice I cannot even imagine how much I will be able to read. I got every detail. No more “what did I just read.” This is by far the most awesome thing I have ever learned.