Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket By F. Stone Suspense/Romance


The main character in this book is Captain Hashim Sharif. The year is 2047. The story takes place in Samarra, Iraq. In the Middle East. The Middle East has joined together with one a mission of pease. There is still political unrest in this futuristic Republic of Islamic Provinces and Territories.

Eliza Ramsay, her preferred name at this time, is a Canadian Paramedic Supervisor there to join an American Habitat for Life group.
All does not go as planned. Disaster strikes. Leaving Eliza in an advisory relationship with Captain Shatif. Slowly they unite when faced with life or dead.

The CIA becomes involved due because of the disaster that united Eliza and Hashim. The CIA agent is a colorful character. Reminds me of Columbo. All of the characters are well defined.

Two broken people from different countries, each having serious baggage, find each other. I’m not a fan of romance but this is a great one.

Continuously building suspense. A page turner. I miss these characters and this story now that it’s over for me.

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