Innocent Retribution by Jack Kregas (Book 3 in the Joey Moretti series)


The Joey Moretti books have not been written in order. Story wise this is book 2. The great thing is each book is a stand alone novel.

Joey Moretti is the main character. This book is about his life. Joey is trying to find a new life. He left his previous home and life without a plan. Everything happens for a reason. Joey met an Indian that bought him into a whole new world.

The reader gets to know Joey Moretti and the characters he interacts with as Joey rebuilds his life. A whole new world which Joey assimilates easily to. Nothing lasts forever. Joey Moretti is well equipped to deal with almost anything. Deal with anyone who hurts those he loves.

There is a second story taking place at the same time. Another guy, Alex, is making his way in his own life. When the two stories merge, step back.

Very original story. Page turner. Action. Suspense. Joey Moretti’s seems more like someone I know rather than a character in a book. This was my third Joey Moretti novel. Can’t wait to find out what’s next for Joey.

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