The Burden of Lies by Richard Beasley. Reviewed by Sue May

Firstly, thank you to Simon & Schuster, and author Richard Beasley, for the complimentary copy of “The Burden of Lies”. This is my voluntary review, based on my own unbiased opinion. At first I wondered how I would go about reviewing this, as I am not accustomed to reading this genre of novels. I was pleasantly surprised. Richard Beasley has created a character in Peter Tanner, who is a hardworking and somewhat unorthodox lawyer. Peter will go to incredible lengths to get an innocent verdict for his client who he believes to be innocent. The client, Tina Leonard, may or may not be guilty of murdering her banker who is a Senior Executive of the South East Banking Corporation. The scenario is set in Sydney. Peter Tanner’s defence of his client is truly realistic. As is his protection of his family against the corrupt cops, drug dealers, construction business bosses and standover security men. It makes for a difficult case for Tanner. Which way will it go, guilty or innocent, justice or injustice? Lies are a burden, but the truth will come out. A legal thriller for lovers of this genre, an enjoyable read.

Bongo Fury Volume 1 by Simon Maltman

The main character, Jimmy Black, is a 42 year old nice guy trying to enjoy a simple life with his wife and baby. I say nice guy because that’s the cause of his problems. Trying to help a friend out, Jimmy Black winds up in over his head with the seedier part of Northern Ireland. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Or at those trying to be good people.

The book is written in the first person. Jimmy is telling his story. He’s a great story teller. Amazing detail is included in Jimmy’s descriptions. I really like this guy.
Jimmy is Irish and uses a lot of slang common to his Homeland. I had to look up a bunch of words. This was my first book from this region. I thoroughly enjoyed being embedded in this tale.

Fast moving page turner.