The Mother-in-law by Judy Moore


The perfect man! What about his mom? He thinks she’s perfect. She’s not. New husband, town, home and family. This is the dream life Victoria thinks she’s walking into after marrying Brad. Victory’s life slowly turns into a living nightmare.

Suspenseful. Well developed characters.  Page turner. What a plot. The house they live in is so crucial it becomes its own character.

One thought on “The Mother-in-law by Judy Moore

  1. Judy’s The Mother-in-Law is very engaging. You can’t put it down once you read the excerpt. You know by the end of the first chapter there is something not right in this house. Victoria is led to believe it is her new home with her new husband and step-son. But that is not so and she finds out the hard and scary way that things are not conducive to a happy marriage. Wonderfully written, exciting and as you get to the last three chapters you read it faster and faster to find out what is going on.

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