Assignment Paris by Craig A. Hart with S.J. Varengo (Book 2 in the SpyCo series)


Spy vs, spy. Fast moving. Action packed. Perry Hall, the main character, is a grieving widower. He’s also a top notch spy for SpyCo. Perry is the guy used for the worst cases. Don’t know if he has no fear or just doesn’t care. SpyCo’s spy’s are going missing. Perry is called in to find out why and where. The where is somewhere in Paris.

Perry Hall is a natural spy. He has great instincts. This is second nature to him. Code names. Gadgets. Spy skills. It’s all in included. James Bond American style.

The characters are well defined. The story flow is so smooth which makes this book easy read. This is the second book in the SpyCo series. It reads as a stand alone book. The details from the first book are well incorporated into this story. I have to read the first book myself. Looking forward to that and the following books.