Billy Edmonds (Belinda Edmonds) is the main character in a complex thriller. Now a Disgraced journalist, Billy returns home to New York. An added feature to this book is that the reader gets to experience day to day life as a New Yorker (living in New York City). Billy’s Mom is a rich and successful editor. Ongoing friction in the mother daughter relationship is peppered throughout this book.

Billy works for a tabloid. The cheap papers on sale by checkout counters that people leaf through while waiting to pay for their purchase at the supermarket. From top of her field to the bottom. It’s not fun for Billy. Her life begins to get complicated when she is innocently connected to a murder. This evolves into something no one would ever predict. Billy luckily knows all the right people to figure out who is behind the corruption and crimes that seem linked to the initial murder. Billy becomes a victim herself which complicates the plot.

The characters are well defined. The book is ok at the beginning. Then the plot builds up to an all out page turner. Corruption is everywhere. Getting to the root of it is like peeling an onion. Billy uses her skills to follow the money and is forced to once again deal with the reproductions of her reporting the facts in the news.

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