The Haunting of Dr. Bowen: Mystery of Lizzy Borden’s Fall River


Dr.Bowden was Lizzy Borden’s neighbor, doctor, first at the crime scene and he testified at her trial. These are facts. This is a work of fiction which picks up after all of this is over and Dr. Bowen is retired. Dr. Bowden tells this story. Often through conversations he recounts with his wife.
Dr Bowen is haunted. By what he doesn’t know. He is trying to figure things out. What’s real and isn’t real is questionable to him and the reader at times.
This is a brilliantly imaginative story. The author did an awesome job of bringing reality into this work of fiction. Statements taken directly from the court records are peppered throughout. The actual transcript from the trial is included at the end of this book.
The characters are well defined. This is an enjoyable and easy read. You can enjoy this even if you do not know the story of Lizzy Borden

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