Blessed Mayhem by Sue Coletta (Book 2 in the Mayhem series)


This is the second book in the Mayhem series.   It’s a stand alone book.  You do not have to have read the first book to understand this one.

This is an unique story.  Shawnee Daniels works in cyber crimes by day, cat burglar by night.  Shawnee has had a hard life and has a lot of baggage as a result.  Shawnee accidentally crosses paths with a cereal killer.  This serial killer is an amazing and different type of character.  All these things together make for a page turner.  One of those rare books you will want to stay up all


Horns of the Devil. A Jeff Trask Legal Thriller by Marc Rainer


This is the second book in the Jeff Trask legal thriller series. Action packed thriller taking place in Washington, D.C. Jeff Trask is an assistant district attorney and the main character in this book. Murder, drug trafficking and gang violence are the focus of Trask and his task force. Who is actually behind numerous murders and why are they happening.

There are many characters in this book. They are all well defined. The interaction between them is so real you forget this is fiction. Action packed page turner.

Casket Cache (A Spencer Funeral Home Niagara Cozy Mystery) by Janice J. Richardson


This is the first book of the series. This is an awesome start to a series. It slowly sucks you in and by the end you can’t wait for more. The characters are well developed. A very unique plot.

Jennifer, the main character, is a Funeral Director. The book begins when Jennifer inherits her Uncle’s Funeral Home. The story is told through Jennifer as she learns the ropes of running a funeral home. You. Following Jennifer through her day to day life evolves into a captivating mystery.