Bury Me In Montauk by Jay Dowski


This is a whirlwind of a thriller. The chase is on right from the start, which is an incredible surprise to the main character, Jack Miller. Jack is content just getting by in life. A life which changes in a moment for Jack while he is out doing his job delivering flowers.

Bury Me In Montauk is Jack’s dad’s final wish. Jack is tasked with carrying this out. For some reason Jack is being chased while trying to do this.

The books locations are all real. This makes the book more interesting since it is geographically driven. The reader learns real facts about the whole area the characters are in.

This is more than just a thriller. The reader also goes on an emotional journey with Jack. I haven’t come across many books with this added element which is very engrossing. It’s more than what happens to Jack Miller. His personal journey as he gets through these events is a major part of this book.

The main characters are well defined. Others you find out what you need to when you need it. The suspenseful action doesn’t stop.

I loved this book. It is an entertaining page turner and an easy read. It has a complex plot that keeps you guessing with an awesome ending. One of those you never forget.

Favorite quote from this book:

“Your life is your life. May it be a masterpiece of experience and nothing else.” This quote sums up this book so well.