The Strange Curse of Breda by Steven Arnett


Breda, Michigan is a small town that was cursed a long time ago. Nothing has ever happened in this small town where everyone knows each other until recently. Murders start causing residents to fear for their lives. Is this from that curse or something else?

Jim Leiden is the main character in this puzzling murder mystery. With each page the suspense builds as the plot thickens. Multiple law enforcement agencies become involved. This Breda Murders gets national attention

This is one of those books that’s starts out good. Suddenly it’s a page turner you don’t want to put down. The characters are well defined. The author really puts a lot of effort into establishing his characters to the point he actually adds the appropriate accent when necessary. A southern accent has Ah for I.

This is a captivating story that continually builds. It’s impossible to figure out where this story will go as you read it. I really enjoyed the suspense building aspect. It creeps up on you. Complex plot which is so well written it’s an easy read.

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