Orbs II. Stranded By Nicholas Sansbury Smith



This book picks up where Orbs 1 left off.  This is a post apocalyptic story centering around the same Biosphere Project from Orbs 1.  The mission of The Project is forced to adjust its objective to staying alive, taking on survivors while avoiding the indestructible aliens which are destroying earth and killing everyone for their own benefit.

Orbs is what the aliens do to some people. They are encased in an orb. Nothing good happens after that.   This is the fate of only some.  This may be the best fate offered to  people of earth as compared to other options the aliens have.  Earth is literally dying in this book.  Reality of what is happening and what can be done to ensure people aren’t erased from our world is what Orbs 2 is about.   

The characters are well defined.  These characters are real.  I developed attachments to them.  Going on this unspeakably journey with these people is captivating.  I could not put this book down.  More than just a page turner.  Action and drama packed.  I immediately moved on to Orbs 3.

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