The Hubley Case by J. Lee


This book takes off running with the murder of Peter Hubley while in Brazil. Who is Peter Hubley and why was he murdered is not the only mystery. Everything surrounding this murder is bizarre.

FBI Special Agent Nikki Benton is assigned to this confusing case for unknown reasons. Ex

marine Ben Siebert, friend of Peter Hubley and his family, gets a call from the new widow to find answers she’s not getting from anyone. Benton and Siebert are both investigating this devastating crime. Turns out the murder of Peter Hubley is a symptom of a much bigger crime. Bodies are piling up. No one is cooperating with each other.

Friction builds between Benton and Siebert. Siebert is increasingly frustrated over the constant dead ends and the fact Siebert seems to always be ahead of her in the investigation. Why is Benton’s concern.

There is a lot going on in this book. Unknown covert operations are thrown into the mix. Who’s innocent? Who’s at the heart of this turmoil? This is a complicated page turner that will keep you guessing.