Orbs 3 Redemption by Nicholas Sansbury Smith plus the Audible


Redemption is the third book in the Orbs series. Dr Sophie Winston continues to be the main character. Many other strong characters have come and and gone. Nothing will deter Sophie from saving the human race.

Action packed page turner like its predecessors, Orbs 1 & Orbs 2. This is an evolving story that keeps pushing forward fast. That’s why it’s so addicting. The aliens taking over earth are beyond anything anyone understands. Until this new plan Redemption is hatched. Redemption is the plan to save earth. You will have to read it to see how that goes.

When I can’t read these I listen to the Audibles. Sometimes life just gets in the way. The narrator does an amazing job giving this book life. I will never forget the way the narrator adds the necessary sound effects which are vividly described in these books.

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