Serenity Betrayed. A Shelby Alexander Thriller by Craig A Hart


In today’s world this is a scary thriller. I was stunned by some of the events. Each turn of a page is beyond predictable which makes Serenity Betrayed an intense page turner.

Serenity is a quiet town Shelby Alexander retired to after his boxing career. Shelby fell into the job of fixer which he can’t get away from. His best friend

Jerry MacIntyre or Mack is a retired Detroit cop. Shelby and Mack make a great team.

Shelby is called by the mayor to supplement his security team. Mayor Richards thinks something is going on and doesn’t trust his normal security. Upon arriving at the mayors, Shelby is surprised to see Mack has also been hired.

Shelby and Mack wind up in quite an awkward as well as bad situation while providing this added security. Shelby knows something is wrong,

Strangely wrong. Who to trust is the question.

Shelby and Mack are so good at what they do they uncover a horrible plot that will cost them their lives. The people behind it all will never allow the truth to get out. They must die.

Shelby and Mack were budding heads with the FBI earlier in the case. According to the FBI “Richards could have been a bit more discerning when he selected his security detail.” Referring to Shelby and Mack of course.

This does not help in cultivating a team effort.

This can be read as a stand alone book. Shelby Alexander has evolved through these 6 books and is one of my favorite characters. The characters are mysterious iwith the exception of Shelby and Mack. This is a fast easy read. Excitement and anxiety flows throughout. Now I’m waiting for #7.

Orbs 4 Exodus by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Anthony J. Melchiorri. Audible by Bronson Pinchot


Exodus is the 4th and final book in the Orbs series. This is an apocalyptic sci-Fi thriller that ends this addictive ride. 🙁. I miss these books. There is nothing like the first read of a series you love. I had to get the Audible because I couldn’t wait to be able to actually read the book. Life gets in the way.

Dr. Sophie Winston is the main character throughout the series. There are a lot of characters. Most well defined. Some just passing through. The characters are so well written they become true people. Friends you root for. This final installment adds some incredible imagination to some new charters I’ll never forget.

The Exodus lets the reader finally see behind the scenes so to speak. Evading the beings trying to kill mankind is thrilling to the reader, terrifying to the characters.

So much has happened to get here. Way back in the first book there was a very insightful character who is suddenly front stage again. He is the reason for this final book. It gets hard to be sure of who the good guys are.

The Audible is excellent. The narrator plays the character parts well. No problem following who is who. The vocalized sound affects are intense. I’ll never forget some of them. I highly recommend the book and Audible. What an awesome experience.