Missing Pieces by Susan Clayton-Goldner


Lillianna Ferguson, the main character, has built her life the way she wants it to be. Completely separated from the life of the girl she once was, Emma Miller. Lillianna and her second husband, Steve, are happily married on a ranch in Oregon.

This is the story of 3 generations of the Miller family. Calvin Lee Miller is Lillianna’s dad. Greg, Lillianna’s brother, takes care of their elderly father. Now, because of a medical condition, Calvin may die sooner rather than later. Lillianna gets the call. Greg needs a break. Time to return to reality. A dreaded reality. A life Lillianna left behind. The life when her name was Emma Miller.

Lillianna sits in a hospital with a man she doesn’t know. To pass the time Calvin winds up telling Lillianna his life story. Slowly Lillianna understands so much she never knew. Her dad, Calvin, told what his life was like growing up. Explaining the good and bad openly.

This book is written in the present with flashbacks. The flow of this book is so smooth. The chapters define the time period. The characters are well defined. Through Calvin’s story telling the reader takes a journey through time also. The way things were when Calvin was very young. It’s a remarkable story.

Lillianna went to her dads bedside an unsure scared person. She returned home to her husband in Oregon weeks later a complete, happy, well-adjusted adult having faced her past.

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