Extinction Horizon by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. Narrated by Bronson Pinchot


Humans are their own worst enemy sometimes. Somewhere secret experiments are being done. The goal is the Ultimate Fighting Soldier. When it’s clear something has gone very wrong, a team of Maries is sent to evaluate the situation and obtain samples. Book 1 is the beginning of the end.

Nonstop suspense and action. Master Sergeant Reed Beckham is larger than life as leader of Delta Force Team Ghost.

Dr. Kate Lovato is the doctor trying time figure out how to fix what’s been done. There are many characters in this book. They are all well defined.

Plum Island off the coast of Long Island, New York is where Dr. Lovato, along with many others go to be safe and save our world. Can anywhere be safe? My adrenaline gets going as I plunge through this series of books. I’m am loving the audible which brings such a great story to life. I’m obsessed with this writer.

The Dark Tower by Stephen King Book Seven in the Gunslinger series Audible by George Guidall


I’ve read this book and listened to the audible. Both 5 stars.

The story:

This is the final book of Stephen King’s Gunslinger series. This is my second time reading the series. It is so much better the second time. Yes you should read these books in order. This last one gets complex. A culmination of the six previous books. SK leaves no string hanging. Brilliant work.

Listening to it filled in so much detail. The narrator does a great job with all the characters. A lot of imagination is in this book. Hearing it helps to visualize this vast world that Stephen King has built.

The Girl In The Hotel by Gregory French


The Girl in the Hotel is a dark thriller. This book is a bizarre dark thriller about a hotel that will haunt you forever. The oddest hotel ever imagined Hotel Or, deep in the jungles of coastal Mexico.

Ed ‘Never Ever Eddie’ Rang is the main character. Age 14 on her own to find a way to live. Ed received an invite to what she hopes will be a wonderful job at Hotel Or. When Ed arrives, she is immediately set up into her new home and life. Ed finds out quickly she doesn’t work there. It’s her prison along with everyone else there. Ed is support staff for a hotel that is criminal operation rather than the hospitality business. A bizarre place beyond anything imaginable. Hotel Or caterers to unthinkable fantasies.

Kazu Danser, a twelve-year-old Niños Asesino (Child Assassin), is on the run from the Federates. Kazu finds refuge while on the run at Hotel Or’s sister hotel Surf Or. Surf Or is on the coast. It is an actual hotel. People come and go. Surf Or Hotel is also a criminal operation.

Katz gets broken in slowly. His time is filled with manual labor, while management assesses what Katz’s criminal capabilities are. Being street smart and innovated, he moves up quickly.

These are parts 1 and 2 of this book. Part 3 puts the first two parts together. Ed and Katz meet. Two kids. 14 and 12 years old on their own in a place no one should be. Both bright and resourceful figure it all out. Figure what out? You have to read the book.

The Girl in the Hotel is written very realistically, considering how odd everything about this hotel is. Through Ed and Katz eyes you experience a whirlwind of Twilight Zone quality terror. There are a lot of weird characters in this story. They keep things very interesting. Nothing and no one is well defined. It’s more of a learning process through Ed and Katz

The Girl in the Hotel holds the spot for the weirdest book I’ve ever read. I loved it and couldn’t put it down.