Extinction Horizon by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. Narrated by Bronson Pinchot


Humans are their own worst enemy sometimes. Somewhere secret experiments are being done. The goal is the Ultimate Fighting Soldier. When it’s clear something has gone very wrong, a team of Maries is sent to evaluate the situation and obtain samples. Book 1 is the beginning of the end.

Nonstop suspense and action. Master Sergeant Reed Beckham is larger than life as leader of Delta Force Team Ghost.

Dr. Kate Lovato is the doctor trying time figure out how to fix what’s been done. There are many characters in this book. They are all well defined.

Plum Island off the coast of Long Island, New York is where Dr. Lovato, along with many others go to be safe and save our world. Can anywhere be safe? My adrenaline gets going as I plunge through this series of books. I’m am loving the audible which brings such a great story to life. I’m obsessed with this writer.

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