The Wind Through The Keyhole by Stephen King Book 4.5 in The Dark Tower Gunslinger series


Stephen King has incorporated a Gunslinger error fairy tail within this book. The ka-tet continues following t the beam to the Dark Tower. This book takes place during the Is on their day to Calla Bryn Sturgisgis. Between The Wizard of Glass (#4) and The Wolves of the Calla (#5) in The Gunslinger Series. The reader learns more about the way of life during this time. Bad storm takes on a whole new meaning. The reader also gains some powerful insight into Roland.

#blogmas Day 24

Meet Finn. He is my son and future daughter-in-law’s ten-month-old Black German Shepard. This is Finn’s first Christmas. Everything is new to this big mush of a puppy. Finn was barking at my son, Dan, as he put the Christmas tree together. You aren’t supposed to bring tree stuff in the house is what I believe Finn was telling Dan.

It will be so much fun as Finn experiences his first Christmas morning. Finn is a loving and goofy dog. I am giving Finn and my eleven-year-old Dachshund many different types of wrapped gifts. Buddy will be the old man sitting on my lap, opening a gift while we enjoy Finn experiencing gift opening for the first time. As an adult, this is the fourth puppy I will experience Christmas with for the first time.

Dogs have different personalities, just like people. Infants like the lights but don’t know what’s going on. A ten-month-old puppy has so much energy. Finn loves toys even though he may destroy some quickly. Finn doesn’t just viciously rip any toy apart. Finn gets everything out of every toy. He will be investigating everything about these new toys while enjoying them. Who knows if one may be selected as a favorite to keep safely by his bed.

A puppy adds to the joy of Christmas. The excitement in a puppy’s eyes as they rip through paper, finding an unknown surprise. A dog can’t understand the meaning of Christmas beyond that. Bringing joy and laughter to the celebration of Christmas is a gift in itself.

#blogmas Day 22

Tomorrow is Festivus. I hope everyone is ready!

I’ve been thinking of Christmas’s past. That’s the top two pictures. Our tree at home on the bottom. The middle picture is from Disneyworld’s MGM Studios. MGM part of Disneyworld has the most amazing lights. Everything lights up, blinking, or doing a light dance to music.

I’m looking forward to all the new memories that we will be making this year. The excitement really starts to build now. For some, this may be better-expressed with the word panic. Whichever group you may be in, take a breath, remember the reason for this season