Dork Diaries Tales From a NOT-SO-BEST FRIEND FOREVER By Rachel Renée Russell The 14th book in the Dork Diaries series


Nikki and her friends get an opportunity to be the opening band for a popular rock group. Nothing goes as it should. Filled with drama and adventure.

This is written as a girls diary. Pictures and doodles included. My fourth grade niece requested it.


I have known this family for over 20 years. Donna, like myself, has MS. Things are not good. Tony, her husband, can’t do the heating part of his business because someone must be with Donna. Donna is very weak. Can’t walk. Or do necessary things for herself. Health care does not provide for any type of add. Our sons went all through school together. They are wonderful people. It’s heartbreaking she has to try another chemo drug. The season of giving. These people need it. They are always very generous to others in so many ways. Figures crossed people are able to help out. Thank you.