#blogmas Day 10. What Christmas is to me.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s more than just one day to me. It’s a season of giving. Not only material gifts. Spreading the spirit of Christmas by the joyful ”Merry Christmas” exchanged between people. These two words put a smile on your face no matter what type of day you are having.

Every year I seek out The Toys for Tots wishlist run by the Marines. I choose a toy for a kid and something for a teen. Toys for Tots is the organization run by the Marines. The collection boxes are usually in post offices, which is the more common way to give. When my son was young, we would pick two gifts out together and bring them to the post office. He’s an adult now, so I don’t have a gift advisor. I prefer filling a kid’s wish. Giving them the joy of having something they desire rather than random stuff is my way of hopefully giving two kids joy. Someone somewhere cares! It’s not the object. It’s the spirit of Christmas.

Being with family is paramount. That’s my favorite part of Christmas. The gifts I receive are fantastic fun. Any gift I receive. A gift is something you wouldn’t otherwise have. Someone took the time to get and give you a gift. I’m thankful for everything people give me. It doesn’t matter what the present I am receiving is. Someone gave it to me, and I am grateful.

Christmas is a very spiritual time for me. It always has been. I remember past Christmas. I think about and pray for those who I love spending Christmas in Heaven. The season is such a time of community. We all have this in common. Let’s celebrate together.

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