#blogmas Day 20🎄

Goodwill to all who have been reading these blogs. I hope instead of getting overwhelmed as we get closer to Christmas, everyone takes a breath and remembers this is a happy celebration. So which to do. Keep in mind the reason and enjoy this particular time of year.

#Blogmas day 19

Today I said goodbye to the man who was my next-door neighbor for the first 24 years of my life. His daughter and I have been friends as long as I can remember. Frank was an amazing man. He drove a school bus until two years ago. He lived a full 82 years. He’s joined his wife Fran in heaven.

He had a stand-alone hammock he napped on in his garage regularly. Frank stopped at the local deli for coffee about three times a day. It was so sweet when a friend of his placed a styrofoam cup with lid and a hostess apple pie in his casket. Another neighbor requested Frank’s hammock. A wonderful, funny, quiet man with his very content routine left this world. He will be very missed by many.