Divided By Witcraft by Karen Perkins


Divided by Witchcraft is the second historical fiction short story from a series examining witchcraft during the late 16 and early 17 centuries in England. Divided By Witchcraft actually did happen. Only two characters are purely fiction in Divided by Witchcraft.

Witches hung when finding guilty. Divided By Witcraft is the true story of a family accusing relatives of corrupting Grace Sowerbutts is the daughter, granddaughter, and niece caught in the middle of turmoil. Grace went to church with her relatives. Witnessing Grace’s exiting church with three female relatives upset her mom, causing Grace’s mom to involve a Jesuit priest in playing a role in accusing these three relatives of witchcraft.

Grace Sowerbutts and many of the less educated of the time speak in an old British slang which is explained at the beginning. Once the slang words translated, it’s easy to understand the speech of the lower, less educated class. It is disturbing how life was in the days of the witch trials.

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