Extinction Red Line by Nicholas Sansbury Smith narrated by Bronson Pinchot


Extinction Red Line is the prequel to the Extinction Cycle Series. This prequel is an addition to the original series.

It clarifies how the variant world started. A team of soldiers ordered to inject themselves to protect them from chemical warfare in Vietnam. The team, following orders, turned into something unspeakable.

A British reporter decides to investigate a Vietnamese superstition about a White Ghost of some sort. This reporter is Vietnamese and wants to investigate the truth behind the legend that he knows of from when he lived there. He becomes an overnight success but at a very high price.

His story, in a British paper, sets in motion a series of events that saves the reporter. The cost of this story is human lives. Americans much clean up what they left behind.

The narrator has to do various accents to bring this book to life. The narrator brings Extinction Red Line to life in a fantastic way. The author did a tremendous job with this prequel.