Destination Dark Zone by Susan May Narrated by Hollis McCarthy and Steve Marvel


I’ve read this book and loved it. Listening to Destination Dark Zone brings everything alive. The narrators are a big part of this effect. They both give each character a distinct personality. The emotions and even sound effects are authentic.

Lucky This Time, Beyont, 291, Salvation. Soul Survivor and Drift are the names of the thrillers you will experience. Every one of these stories is entirely different from each other. Lucky This Time is one of Susan May’s earliest short stories. As you move through, you experience the true evolution of the best selling writer.

The common factor in this group of stories is the destination. It’s not just the thrilling story of what will happen next. All of these stories are beyond imagination. I envy all of you. There’s nothing like the first experience of such an intense audible that draws you into an alternate reality. Escape your own life.

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