Red Hatchet Falls by Susan Clayton-Goldner


Detective Radhauser Is on duty once again, solving horrific crimes. This story takes place not long after 9/11. People are ill at ease in general. The fear amplifies when any aspect of Muslim life arises. Some think all Muslims are terrorists. Detective Radhauser is doing everything he can to correct this misconception.

Detective Radhauser is the detective in a small town in Oregon. An acquaintance, Homer Sullivan, brings disturbing evidence to the detective. The connotations of this evidence Homer Sullivan bought him are very serious,

The evidence is a human hand. The investigation gets things going into high gear. If the owner

of this hand is still alive, they must find All hands on deck to find out.

Radhauser is trying to solve murders and stop the bias against Muslims at the same time. Radhauser has a wife, two kids, and lives on a ranch. Like most dads, he’s trying to balance family and work obligations.

Radhauser is also dealing with the 9/11 backlash.

Unfortunately, another hand shows up. Radhauser has the added possibility that this is. A hate crime.

Life is complicated. Radhauser is there for family, friends, and his job.

This book covers a difficult time in our country. The author does a fantastic job portraying everyday life in a small town in our country after 9/11. All the characters are well developed, and there are some real characters in this book.

Cliffhangers throughout this book make it a page-turner. Red Hatchet Falls is the first book I’ve read that brings up 9/11. I am a New Yorker personally affected by the terror of that day. I’ve taken a while to gather my thoughts to write this review. I never thought about how middle America was affected until I read Red Hatchet Falls.

I recommend this book to everyone.

The author has written a murder mystery thriller taking place during an uncertain time in America. Red Hatchet Falls hit the nail on the head. Susan Clayton-Goldner really hit the ball out of the park with Red Hatcher Falls.