Lake of Dreams by Susan Clayton-Goldner. Detective Winston Radhauser book 8 in series.


Lake of Bad Dreams is a page-turner from the beginning. Detective Winston Radhauser gets a call to an active shooting at Ashland’s Mountain View High school. Radhauser and his partner race there, hoping to stop this nightmare. The shooting is over when the two detectives arrive. Dead, injured and scared teens are what Radhauser and McBride roll up on. The two detectives immediately get control of this Crazy situation the best that they can. Who is the shooter? Everyone wants to know.

Detective Radhauser has been at this job for quite a while. Experience has shown him things are not always what they seem. Radhauser and McBride follow every lead. They do not leave any rock unturned.

The characters are well defined. This book covers a horrible topic. Lake of Dreams takes you away into the town of Ashland immediately. Once you start reading this book, you will get attached to the story, and characters like you’ve always been a part of it. This series does not need to be read in order. Each book is written as an independent novel.

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