Crooked River by Preston & Child (FBI Special Agent Pendergast #19)


The Pendergast series is one of my favorite series. You can read the books in any order. Each book is a stand-alone novel. Crooked River finds FBI Special Agent Pendergast

on vacation in Florida with his ward Constance. Another agent is recouping from injuries in another part of Florida. A case washes up on the shores of Florida.

The tide started washing up severed feet. The feet just kept coming. Fortunately for the local sheriff, these two FBI agents are there to take on the case of the severed feet. Pendergast is a very wealthy man. For this reason, he can go beyond the means of a typical special agent. He has unlimited resources, so anything is possible.

Pendergast gets himself in over his head in this one. The ever mysteries ward, Constance, is a significant part of this book. The reader learns a lot about her abilities, but Constance is still a mystery in many ways, as is Pendergast. That’s part of the draw to this series. The reader never knows what hidden surprises lie within each book about the reoccurring characters. They are a series of characters. Overall as a stand-alone book, the reader gets everything they need for this to be a fantastic stand-alone novel. No one reads just one. Preston & Child are an excellent writing team.