The House Keeper by Natalie Barelli


Once there was a wealthy girl named Claire. Claire lived in one of the most expensive parts of NYC. A future debutant. Claire has a younger brother. While Claire was enjoying her early teenage years, Claire’s parents hired a nanny from Canada for her younger nine-year-old brother. The nanny only lasted a week.

Claire is 24 and living in a different part of NYC. Her life fell apart. She lost everything. Never getting to be a debutant leaves her very bitter. Claire coincidentally sees the nanny who she is positive is responsible for ruining her life—basically causing her to be a lonely, poor inconsiderate young woman. Claire can’t believe this coincidence. Claire’s mission in life is now to get to this person somehow and force her to reveal what she did to Claire’s family. Claire is positive; this nanny, who is married, wealthy with a baby, has stolen her life. She devises a plan to get the person who destroyed her world to tell the story of what took place during that one week this nanny worked for Claire’s family. The following months after this nanny left were horrid. Claire was sure that nanny told lies, which involved lawyers and the unfortunate death of both parents. The 24-year-old hasn’t moved past what went on when she was 13. Claire is a 24-year-old but viewing the world through 13-year-old eyes.

The characters are well defined. The House Keeper is a stay up all night page-turner. This book has unexpected—surprises throughout the book. I enjoyed The House Keeper.

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