Hell Divers III Deliverance by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


Captain Jordan is the second commander in this series, following a long line of Captains over the 250 years. The Hive has sustained humanity in the air. Jordan is very different from the previous captain. Jordan is insecure in many ways making him distrustful and controlling.

X, the Hell Diver with over 90 dives, is left behind on the surface of the toxic earth. Life is easier for Jordan without X aboard the Hive. Jordan’s first officer and the woman he’s in love with had been X’s lover. Leaving X for dead helps Jordan get everything he wants.

Micheal Everhart leads the team of Hell Divers to find X. Everyone living in The Hive is distressed by the changes Jordan is forcing on everyone. Civil war breaks out in The Hive.

Jordan is locking adversaries up or leaving Hell Divers on the toxic earth to keep The Hive under his control. Things change when the Hell Divers discover a new and more updated ship, Deliverance. This new ship has AI, which is unique to the Hell Divers. This new AI is changing what humankind believed to be the actual reason for destroying the earth.

Each book is fast moving and exciting. I’m obsessed with this series just like Orbs, another series by this author. Nichols Sansbury Smith is a very detailed and imaginative writer. The vast amount of characters, monsters and mutations keep this a page turner.

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