Hell Divers IV WOLVES by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


Life has changed for all the people living in The Hive. They have an additional ship, Deliverance, which has many perks aside from additional living space. With the help of the AII on deliverance a boat is made to explore the sea for the Metal Islands. The Metal Islands have barbarians living there currently. The ocean is a whole new world. With the help of the AI and a ship made of Metal, some Hell Divers go where no one else has for over 250 years.

New characters, new monsters, and new adventures continue this page-turner series. This series has an evolution of its own. People dye tragically or from diseases. New characters enter the action-packed adventure. All of these changes are well defined. I always make sure I have the current book and the next book ready to jump right in when I finish the crew t book. I love this series.

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