Dark River by Avery Jenkins


Asa Cire took a bus to a small New England town, Nemaseck, seven years ago. This is

Asa’s story. Asa buys and sells expensive and hard to find antiques of all kinds. For some reason, an old business associate has found him.

Asa starts asking questions about an unsolved murder that happened 20 years ago. He has decided he must solve the murder of a 14-year-old girl. Since Asa inserted himself into this dead girl’s murder and accepted some work from that old business associate, it seems Asa has a target on his back. He just wanted a quiet, under the radar life.

Asa realizes he has no idea what he did with his life before coming to Nemaseck; he is slowly discovering this and trying to figure things out. Asa has people trying to kill and is stunned about the ease he handles these dire situations.

I miss reading Dark River. I enjoyed it. The story is well written. The characters are a part of the mystery. The foundation of the book flows from page one. Rarely does a story grow with so many factors, and before you know it, the story has taken you on a journey you didn’t even know exists.


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