The Eyes Of Darkness by Dean Koontz


I read this book in 2014. I reread it in 2021. I didn’t remember any of this book. Now I will never forget it. The title has changed to Coronavirus, The Eyes Of Darkness Dean Koontz Prophecy on March 14, 2020. I didn’t know about this title change. I read the original The Eyes of Darkness published in 1996.

This book is freaky scary. A mom’s son dies in a bus accident going on a camping trip. That bus of kids died but not because of a bus accident. We lived through this. February of 2020 is in this book. One boy did not die. That boy is how his mom finds out everything.

The expression stranger than fiction is valid here. I couldn’t help wondering how Dean Koontz got so many details correct. The plot itself is a fictional story. The Wuhan virus details are spot on.

I am so taken aback that I couldn’t figure out how to review this book. I gave it five stars in 2014. Reading Eyes of Darkness in 2021 gets five stars!! for the omg stunning factor.

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