Old Bones by Preston & Child (Cory Swanson # 1)


Special Agent Cory Swanson is fresh out of the FBI academy. Cory Swanson’s character comes from the Agent Pendergast series. Cory is on the bottom rung in her FBI office, which is the way all new agents begin.

Books Preston and Child write are among my favorites. Cory Swanson is a developing character. Cory is proving herself to the other characters and reader at the same time. Cory’s first field case is about old bones. Grave robberies and stolen artifacts surrounded by people going missing or possibly murdered.

I love this book as much as the Agent Pendergast

books. The second one, The Scorpions Tail, has been published. Cory Swanson owns this series. Pendergast may or may not make an appearance in a small role. Cory Swanson now has her series that is independent of any oth

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